Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (The Concert for a New South Africa, 1994)

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1994 South Africa Whitney Houston live

Abraham BJ
This is one of the best perfromances of IWALY. She was so soulful and had a weight to her voice that day and it was different... in a good way.
Agathe 23
Alec Barney
JESUS CHRIST! She is literally the only person I know that sounds better when she's sick or tired! SMH...
Ali Ali
just WOW !
Ana Carolina
Canta tanto que até brinca com a voz.\nDiva eternamente 😍👏👏
Ana Luci Lucia
Andreia Luízas
What SMILE ! Beauty Gif from God 🌹 and You🎵and you🎵 and youuuu🎵 Whitney ❤️ we always miss youuuuu🎵💜 BEAUTIFUL 💜
Andrew Simons
Angela Rodríguez Cordovi
que clase, que elegância. una dama y realmente LA VOZ, la mejor cantante de todos los tiempos
Angus Robertson
4:45 the microphone is shaking because her voice is so powerful hahahahaha
She couldn't trust her voice anymore & had tp make adjusents mid-breath. So sad.
Ash Vic
She was perfection all over!!
Bea Santos
She was so sweet with her fans. I'm so sad for her death.... Rest in peace whitney,we will always love you
Bhad teens Good pussy
The ending made me cry
Boat Phum
Very rare and amazing performance
Bskettball hd
100.000. for the greatest voice 😍
Carlos Solano
After singing a whole concert and sing this song with this much power what else can you really do.... always the one,,the voice,,the best,,,the queen WHITNEY HOUSTON,,,for ever miss
Cherrena Catherina Melodina
OMG IM CRYYYYYYYYINGGGG!!!! I was seeking this over the past 2 years and i finally found it! And with the end of the instrumentals! I love that part!
Clark Welling
People talk trash. U tell me who can sound this incredible after singing 17 sounds prior in a set list. Such stamina
Claudiacoutomelo Melo
Voz linda grande diva já partiste mas estou aqui a ouvir sempre as tuas músicas lindas🥀🌹🏵️💮🌷🌸🌼💐🌻
Cohen Roderick
Her head voice here is out of this world, 💯\nAnd she looks stunning here, almost like a Goddess\nher smile wow! elegance personified\nA true Diva
Coon Music
4:58 one of the exact reasons for her vocal decline
Daniela Santos
Danny Charles
Have to agree with some of the comments that this by far is NOT the best live performance of IWALY. I can name at least 10 that are better vocally overall. I can see why some people would disagree; for a few reasons- her stage presence and connection with the audience here is 10/10. The head voice notes are stunning and even sound operatic in places, the quality of the video is great, she looks stunning etc.. anyway, I guess those are the reasons this was put on her “Greatest live performances” CD & DVD, and ALSO has been included in the new “Whitney” film due out in July. If you think this is the best vocal performance then check out 1994 in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Philadelphia, Venezuela, London Rainforest Benefit, oh and the WMAs. 1993 in Radio City NY, London, Kolding, the list goes on...
Diego Salari
Don Don
Brazil live 1994 Whitney Houston was the best so let’s argue about 🗣🎤
Dona Florinda
Dressed like a queen. \nA great diva, the best artist of the entire World
Dumoh Nandi
I was literally 4 years old when the Queen came here. I'll forever regret the fact that I never got a chance to witness her greatness LIVE.
Elroy Abrahams
Her voice is tiered but she shondes amazing BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN ♡♡º♡♡♡♡♡♡#R.I.P Whitney Houston
Flora Nieves
She will always be the best black queen..The most Talked about are always the special ones
Frayan Feratero
I really love every performance of her of this song, at the grammy, at the world music awards and at this one...\nVery nice video and audio quality.\nThank you for posting this.\nWhitney died, but her music lives in our hearts forever.
Gaurav Das
Nobody can sing the word \
Gienia Gupia
We used to say, that we can't be sure about anything in our lifes. But I am 100% sure, that the earth would never give again such a talent and treasure, as Whitney. I am sure, even though I don't know why. I love you Whitney.Thank you Whitney.
Halouma Arbi
she is the best
Hello Bitch
Henry Sitorus
Her body language is the best ever in this industry... Like Godess, so elegant n so beauty. Nothing compare, this is Godess performance in music history 😍
Isaiah King
By this time modules developed on her throat. She was a trooper to keep going on with a voice that was in the beginning stages of being damaged. God bless her. So much she accomplished in her 48 years.
Ismael Moreno Izquierdo
Can you do a comparison with this version and wma 1994?
Iván Pineda
Jayr Jtorch
The one & only one of a kind Singer Whitney Houston. 😙😚😍🤗😇
Jenny Atherton
So beautiful, breathe takenly stunning. Xxx
You can tell how much she loved the lord by the way she always looks up after every song.. we will always love you Whitney ♥️♥️
Johon Emily
Linda sem palavras meu anjo que tá no céu
Jose Bermudez
LA mejor de todos los tiempos inigualable
Jymmi Rachael
In my opinion the best version she ever did of this was 1994 Grammys. This performance here, to me i think she made compromises with her vocals. Her vocals weren’t terrible. They were really good. But they weren’t the Whitney Houston amazing factor ya feel?
Kwstas Bagdatoglou
Thank you very much for these concerts! I downloaded it as mp3 before YouTube (unfortunately) take it down. Incredible performance from our Queen, Miss Whitney Houston
Leeroy Williams
So soulful and pure
Llouliet Llouliet
Thanks for sharing, what a nice surprise. I didn´t see this performance before. From my point of view, best version ever. I miss her, she was just amazing....
MIE goreng234
I always love you whitney
MadMaxMarMan Kim
- 절대진리 -\n\n농구는 마이클 조단\n복싱은 마이크 타이슨\n축구는 호나우도\n성악은 룻찌아노 파바롯티\n탁구는 현정화\n육상은 임춘애\n씨름은 이만기\n고문은 이근안\n보컬은 윗니 유슷은
Mamu moh
Who else watching at 2018???????we still love u queen!rip my love
Marta Chagas
Linda! Whitney Houston. Deuxou saudades.♡☆♡☆♡☆♡
Mateus Alexandre
Matthew Wilkinson
Is this from a DVD? Where can I buy it.
the best forever
Mila M.
Mrbackpacker tilltheends
i have watched a lot redition of this song & suprisingly no one can compare with her. she is THE VOICE ❤️
Muna al amudi
No one could be or would born as you my darling Whitney 💖the legend 💖
RIP Whitney For you are Sadly missed, By all of your Fans, Heaven has Aquired a new Angel.
Mychael Corinthos
She went OFF for nelson & winnie
This is magic!
Ol Chiquete
This woman must to be seen like greeks gods mythology. God!
Thanks exellent live
Osasu John
Love is the greatest of all... 2018
Park Kiwan
RIP.Whitney. ....The voice
Pascal Behre
I love this woman💎❤
Renzairo Airp
The Queen Of All Queens!
Robson Trigueiro
The best voice always
Whitney houston The greatest one lo mejor de lo mejor .
Back when life was simple.
Sergio Lopez
Belleza negra!! Hermosssa!!
Sheevendra Malik
unbelievable.............how can someone be so good, so divine............i \nsimply love this soul..........i am sure she must be doing wonders in Heaven
Shellete Clark
My Beautiful Whitney the voice always love you I miss her so much she is my angel
Shyrelle Houston
@3:27 heaven😍☁️🌟
Sol mag
1:49 This smile 😍😍😍 So beutiful woman, i will always love you Whitney. Rest in peace 😚😔
I hate how her estate won't upload these on YouTube in HD on her main page.
TeMeiah Dorsey
She is on fire R.I.P to Whitney Houston😭 but she's in a better place
Terry Sanders
That's right baby..take your time...You got this... Always 💟🌟
Thelma L Hopkins
she was the best Diva of all times
Thomas Cordula
Very beautiful
such a small lady with such a big voice even after singing 17 songs priot live. WOW!
Tim Drumm
G E N I U S !
Titi ane
DIVA... 👑
Yihua Lin
Does anyone know what she's wearing? She looks like a goddess
Yudhistira Y
this song make me crying , I dont know why , miss Her so much , her voice so beautiful and soulful ...
Zenobia Palmyra
How lucky are we to have lived through the time of the supernova, brilliance of Whitney Houston...x
asia jackson
The way they used this performance in the new Whitney documentary was BEAUTIFUL. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. So I had to come and watch again ❤️
bisola fashola
Whitney Houston the voice RIP i will always love you
carlo shing
Standard (Original) key or Lower than the original? Hmmm. Anyway, Splendid and mesmerizing.
hahahaha 55555555
I will always love you.... Whitney houston
human being
Her head voice is epic. The greatest one
mariya and tank enjoy
Wasn't this around the time during her bodyguard tour where she was sick most of the time but she still sounded beautiful
nadia souhila
Lo siento por whitney esta muy bien chanteuse
My favorite Whitney Houston live performance that voice is dearly miss!!!
yosua rilando
zzz Video
I will always love you whitney houston
Μαρία Μουστάκη
The beauty of voice!!!!!!The woman,the history,the beauty again!!!!!The legend!!!!!!