This is What Happens with your Suitcase at the Airport

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We put a spy Camera in the Suitcase at the AirportConnected flight!Riga - Frankfurt - MadridI put a little camera in the suitcase to see what happens with my suitcase.Camera used to record it: (Mini DVR 808 #16 v3) ►It was hooked up to a USB power bank, so the battery would last for many hours.----------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer:Some of the links in description are affiliate links. If you’ll purchase an item via link, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank You for the support!

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10,000 Subs with no videos EVER - Tyrone
For anyone wondering what this beautiful music is its called \
1k subs with no vids
We're going on a trip in my favourite suitcase ship. spying throug the conveyor belt, little camera!
: Vela :
I think they should load people like this too... much mess chaos
Adi Burgos
I’ve always wondered about this kind of stuff......
Aditya Nair
when we are tired waiting for the plane. our baggage is enjoying a rollercoaster ride at the airport
Alexander Dunn
This should be a real roller coaster ride at a theme park or something... omg thanks for 50 likes!
Aman Singhal
Anyone here coming in 2018
Amberlee Eloff
I sorta want this to be a ride someday 😂
American Guy
Toy Story 2 lied to us
Who else wants to ride this besides me??
Ana CarranzaGzz
I was looking for Woody and Buz rescuing Jessy and Bullseye
This can show how some workers don’t care about the luggage and throwing it around without being careful
Awkwardly Me
Who else thought it would've looked like the *Toy Story* one?
I just watched a 6 minute video about a suitcase wow my moms right I am a loser\n\n\n\n\nEDIT: YO THANKS FOR 2K LIKES \u003c3
Bibi Yannie
Am i the only one twisting my phone while watching ths?😂
You left out the part that I wanted to see the most, the luggage being put into the airplane.
Brandon Gaming
So this is why my PS4 broke
Brë Thë Gacha gürl
I went to Europe... ALL OF Europe in one month and we got a lot of really expensive/ fragile status and all of them were in really bad shape when we took them out of the baggage 🧳._.
Buzzy Bee Productions
Was it just me who dug real deep into this, you leave your moms belly, The conveyor at the start is you meeting your family and friends and slowly your friends leave you and some of your family stays and then you go to school, different schools, meeting new friends, then your life is the plane, you are with your closest for the longest and still your family, then you get off the plane and lose some of them (most) then go back to your mum aka meet her in heaven
The only way to record this master piece is to put your mom in there with a 14$ camera
Caitlin Kaiser
bro so toy story 2 ‘s scene of the suitcases is like SUPER accurate
Cesca Smith
no wonder all my makeup broke
Chris Violaris
Who else wishes that this was virtual reality?
Christian Palado
Was 3:42 snowing with those white dots from the X-ray?
Cooper Crosier
Why can’t us humans go on a Disney ride in the airport?
Crab Lover
Even our Baggage has a better and fun journey than us.
Danai_ Htzksta
I want to get in the suitcase. It must me very fun
You have no idea how badly I wanna become a suitcase now
Me: sitting in chair at airport\nMy bag: WEE AGAIN AGAIN THIS RIDE IS GREAT
Is not like toy story :(
Dubu Dolphin Janice
Imagine if Dahyun(Twice) was there as an employee checking suitcases and spots it?
Eamon Delaney
Brain:do homework\nMe: wait let me watch this
Edac Enarc
And you think it’s a hard journey to get to the right gate
Ellen Fan Channel
Damn they had fun
Elliea Dumayas
Wow they just throw it what if there is something fragile in there
Eric Von Manstien
I Honestly came here to see the Workers throw our luggage
Francesca Fran
4:54 and 5:02 And I always wondered how that nice bottle of whiskey got broke during the flight... 🤔
Fri di
Galaxia Ze Unicorrrnn
Lol when you don't have a suitcase so you wrap everything in tin foil 😂
Golden Gaming
Lucky bags,they get a free ride while we pay everything and dont get to go on a ride like this
I potato you
When you realize a person’s luggage travels more than you had your entire life in a single flight
Izzy Dizzy
When your intro came when the axe hit the thing my brother was playing fortnite and at that same moment he said “ OW “.
Jianing Chen
The suitcases are literally: YOU SEE ME ROLLIN’ THEY HATIN’
Toy Story 2 anyone?
I spend 5 mins from my life wachting a luggage been transported to a plane oof
Lexus GS400
Lila Hippen
...why am I here in 2018\nCause you are a new low\nOk\nWhy are they here\nWho?\nThem 🖐🏻 (waves to you)\nYou don't have to like or comment, I'm just curious
Lydia Wen
Toy story two does not look like this.
MR.Snoopy Scoops
Am I the only person who can't understand how did the battery of camera survived this whole time and how did the airport machines didn't caught the camera
Mamamia Meghan
Is anyone now getting this in their recommended?
Great video but unfortunately it doesn't make me feel any better about having to take my handmade guitar on an international flight as checked baggage :(
Meine Achterbahn Welt
Am I the only one wondering that the battery of the camera survived a whole flight?
Millien 138
That looks like a sweet ride through the airport into the plane .
My Cat Is Drying
Mystery Man
**puts person in lugage**
Nathangeline Tan
I always wonder how it feels to be a luggage
NatureLove GT
In your description you said Frankfurt. You mean the one in Germany? I'm curious.
Did anyone else think this would be like the scene on Toy Story with all the luggage things?
Olivia Pell
I like this music instead of obnoxious music that videos tend to have. Thank you
I’ve done this before too!! Except i was the suitcase XD i got to see it live because my grandma didn’t want to buy another ticket
Peachy Paradise
...Well now I know why my suitcase always looks dinged up when I get it back after a flight😂
Who else thought it was gonna be like toy story 2?
Pirate Eilish
Was I the only person who got confused which way the camera was
Pocket Dice
FAKE....\n\n\n\n\n...the Suitcase was an paid actor
Random Person
Am I the only one thinking of the joke:\n\
Ruby Mystic
So.... toy's story lied to me??
I wonder if i was a baggage..... my life is complete
5:32 throws luggage
Safeya Percival
Me: bye suitcase, ima miss u!!😭\nSuitcase: byeee... I won’t miss u!!!😏\n\n\nEdit: thx for all the likes!!😊
Savannah Burgess
I’m digging this music
Shake the Future
I always wondered what happens with my suitcase.\nI was flying from Madrid to Frankfurt, Frankfurt - Riga\nJourney with eyes of the suitcase :)
Who else was thinking of Toy Story🌝
Siege ASMR
The video I’ve been looking for my whole life
when I went to comment section I thought that it'll be full of people that telling that that suitcase is bad tracting. *I was wrong.*
SnowyMonkey 123
“We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship zooming through the salt little Einstein’s climb aboard get ready to explore”
where's the part were they beat it with a sledgehammer?
Stay Skz
I thought this was gonna show how some of the staff treats the luggage like shit. XD
Sushi Roll
While I’m sitting on a boring plane my suitcase is on a fun roller coaster.
It isn't a claustrophobic tunnel as I imagined before. I should've believed Toy Story.
Tea Spiller
My recommended section has ok taste
Tenza Z
I like it when such recommended videos stay about 4 months
The Chosen Comment
*Stinky Pete wants to know your location*
The Nico Dem
0:35 did your suitcase just saved a blocked one ? Hero /20
The Snake Lord
1. This is cool \n2. I love the background music and does anyone know what it is
This is Argus
And then there's Stinky Pete at my bag, questioning who the frick puts this goddamn uggly fat buns toy in it, they are gonna get it from me
3:45 you can see x-ray radiation captured by camera
Tonya Wood
Interesting. Thanks for blurring the faces of the workers. I wish more youtube videos were responsible and respectful like that.
They just throw it i would never put my laptop in there i would keep it in my backpack
Varun Das
*_Am I the only person who would never put a fragile tag on my luggage henceforth_*
So apparently my life is so boring that i rather spending my time watching the journey of a suitcase
Yuri’s Knives
Isn’t this that one scene from Toy Story 2?
Zanthe Kourt
Well this explains the damage done to our suitcases 😂😂
Zelda Byström
When I was little I thought the bags went with that rolling band all the way to the place you were flying to
Ziyad Alhadrami
Who tf dislikes this kind of stuff
The best part is that it was filmed horizontal.
Ah yes, the natural habitat of a suitcase. Watch as it slowly moves through the conveyor and goes onto the airplane with its owner. This beast is so dangerous that even bigfoot is scared of this suitcase. It rushes towards the plane. And it gets thrown into the belt and it roars at the people who threw it. It continues to get closer and closer to the plane. After it makes it to the plane then it sits down.
my bucket
Our suitcases enjoy more than us we carry them like babies and when we are waiting for plane they enjoy their rides
nabeel sadik
What do they not understand by fragile?
nolie blue
petition for this to be a disney ride
3:13 Jesus what if someone had a suitcase of valuables..... 😬