Spy Camera in the Suitcase at the Airport

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What happens with your suitcase when you give it away at the airport?Connected flight!Riga - Frankfurt - MadridI put a little camera in the suitcase to see what happens with my suitcase.Camera used to record it: (Mini DVR 808 #16 v3) ►It was hooked up to a USB power bank, so the battery would last for many hours.----------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer:Some of the links in description are affiliate links. If you’ll purchase an item via link, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank You for the support!

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Aditya Nair
when we are tired waiting for the plane. our baggage is enjoying a rollercoaster ride at the airport
Alex Brandis
It looks fun to be a bag
Allison Holly
No wonder it takes so long before the plane takes off. Waiting for the bags takes forever
Aman Singhal
Anyone here coming in 2018
American Guy
Toy Story 2 lied to us
Anahi Lara
4:39 I don’t know why that was so funny for me when the luggage fell’ 😂
Aniket Sahu
Is this legal
Bea Wood
The music was so jolly I could imagine the suitcases having eyes like in Lightning McQueen and quietly bouncing up and down
I just watched a 6 minute video about a suitcase wow my moms right I am a loser\n\n\n\n\nEDIT: YO THANKS FOR 2K LIKES \u003c3
Billie Eyelish
Was I the only person who got confused which way the camera was
You left out the part that I wanted to see the most, the luggage being put into the airplane.
Brandon Gaming
So this is why my PS4 broke
Caelan the Singer
Anyone else get Toy Story 2 flashbacks!?! LOL 😄
Cherry ker
finally I get to know what my bags go through \n\n\n\n\nFun in a rollercoaster 😂😂😂
Christian Palado
Was 3:42 snowing with those white dots from the X-ray?
Clorox Bleach
My recommendations haven't failed me
Crab Lover
Even our Baggage has a better and fun journey than us.
0:50 Hey, guys! No pushing! 😆
You got very lucky with the camera angles. Nice vid!
DDD Productions
I am offensive and i find this to be suitcase
Danny A
What am I doing with my life
I just love it where they just chuck it onto the luggage carrier without caring..
Me: sitting in chair at airport\nMy bag: WEE AGAIN AGAIN THIS RIDE IS GREAT
Elise Ferguson
I was expecting to see toys fighting
Part 376 of *watching my random recommended list on YouTube* ^_^
Ellen Fan Channel
Damn they had fun
Ellie Kealy
This just shows how violent workers can be with suitcases
The workers go harsh on the suitcases gezz. They like throw them. What if there was something fragile in there?
Galaxia Ze Unicorrrnn
Lol when you don't have a suitcase so you wrap everything in tin foil 😂
3:40 x-ray disrupting video footage
Grease Monkey Diva
Fantastic that a ron John's sticker is on the bag conveyor across the world!
Greek Kouture
How is it possible that they didn't detect the camera during the check?!\nThis idea was genius!!
Hello Hello
That'd make a perfect rollercoaster ride for old people, even people who get motion sickness!
It looks sorta like a weird fun roller coaster I wanna go on it lol
Hollie B
Literally a video about a suitcase and the comments are still salty 😂🤣
The music just makes it so much better
Hunter Koopman
The suitcase who filmed this is truly talented ;)
Toy story lied to us
Ishika -
Lmao and I'm the one who's paying and they are the one's enjoying
Jack Ernst
Who else saw that Ron John surf shop sticker at 4:52??
Jeon Kimseyong
sir this is the Colombian airport customs, open your door.
Toy Story 2 anyone?
Jules K
Am I the only paranoid person wondering where the sniffer dogs where and other checks they insist they do to keep us safe in the air.
Jung Kook
Ah but he was probably recording because he was probably flying with united airlines.
Kaitlyn Mclendon
Does anyone else want to ride on the thingy that pushes you?...no just me...ok
Kclee Cutey
So technically the suitcases gang up at the airport and go to there version of six flags
King Mendes
why was this at my recommended videos?
Krish Motiani
Rollercoaster for suticases ☻
Lauren M
That’s how I’m traveling from now on like you have to admit that looked so fun
Laylonie Cava
Theme parks are quaking
Lexus GS400
Little Oakley hasexploded
Wow the workers give 0 fs on how hard they throw you're suitcase in
Livs_c.x 05
I think the rule is don't put valuable devices in your suitcases when they aren't coming with you oz did u see how he was just chucking the suitcases
Lush Lashes ASMR
They should make a new theme park but with rides dedicated to how the world works like suitcase travel, air plane roller coaster, bumper cars.\n\n\n\n\n\nComment other rides😀
Who else hates having anxiety while waiting for your bag to come out because it might have gotten switched to another plane and youre out of your country 😂😭
Great video but unfortunately it doesn't make me feel any better about having to take my handmade guitar on an international flight as checked baggage :(
Meine Achterbahn Welt
Am I the only one wondering that the battery of the camera survived a whole flight?
Melanie Averruz
My brother told me it was that they shredded your suitcase and got you a new one XD
Meow Mew
This is bag abuse.
Minecraft NintendoBest
0:32 I suppose it's how we lost our Suitcase? Stuck between 2 Roller by his wheels... xD
Misaki Mei
How did the metal detector not detect the camera ._.
Molly Prosser
Who else gets worried that yet bags get dropped in the middle of the air
Mystery Man
**puts person in lugage**
Nick Prosperi
Who thinks an amusement park should make this a ride
Noble HPC
I was expecting some toy story shit
Olivia Champagne
If only it were a 360 video
Ommie Rants
my suitcase has more fun than me when I go to theme parks.
Philipp K
At 3:40, one can see the effect of x-ray radiation on the camera sensor
Phillipa Peach
My mom once packed hairspray and the luggage people threw her bag and the hairspray went off and it sprayed 3/4 of the bottle and made all her cloths sticky 😂😂😂\nSorry it's just this reminds me of it.
Potężny dinozaur
*Is that even legal?*
R&W Gaming
Id rather experience it myself by jumping on the conveyor
Rise Of The Phoniex
The journey of Juan illegally getting to the U.S.
Sadia Sultana
Looks fun to be a suitcase 😂
Sarfraz Shaukat Khan
Kaun kaun pareshan ha add sa
Selman Reyhan
Its literally a rollercoaster for suitcases lol
Shake the Future
I always wondered what happens with my suitcase.\nI was flying from Madrid to Frankfurt, Frankfurt - Riga\nJourney with eyes of the suitcase :)
Siddhant Jhaveri
Imagine if this was a 360 camera.\nWow
when I went to comment section I thought that it'll be full of people that telling that that suitcase is bad tracting. *I was wrong.*
SophiaThe PokemonMaster
Are you even allowed to let a suitcase to just film the entire journey with a camera?
Spendog Haynes
That suitcase is like the James Bond of suitcases
where's the part were they beat it with a sledgehammer?
Stay Skz
I thought this was gonna show how some of the staff treats the luggage like shit. XD
Wow! Such a lovely show! Thanks for the free trial! Anyone knows where else I could find more of this masterpiece?!?!
Tea Spiller
My recommended section has ok taste
That person over there
Lmao my sis had a full bag of monkey stuffed animals and the guy checking her bag was like ----\u003e 😳
The Nico Dem
0:35 did your suitcase just saved a blocked one ? Hero /20
The Penelope Show
A little surprising that a machine handled it with more care than a human.
3:45 you can see x-ray radiation captured by camera
Twilight Bright
So it's a big roller coaster xd
Season 2 when?
Yu Gi Moto
The ones who help lifting and moving the bags, please don't hurt your back. Be safe!
Zelda Byström
When I was little I thought the bags went with that rolling band all the way to the place you were flying to
The best part is that it was filmed horizontal.
kafiya h
Plz tell me why I watched the whole thing without skipping
my bucket
Our suitcases enjoy more than us we carry them like babies and when we are waiting for plane they enjoy their rides
nolie blue
petition for this to be a disney ride
did I just watch 6 minutes of a suitcase going through a conveyer belt?
user mane
1. This must of been before they were allowed to hand check luggage's.\n2. So this is how luggage sometimes gets lost lol.
Cool that you could see the radiation of the x-ray at 3:42