KISS - I Love It Loud - Rock The Nation Tour - original Sound

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KISS - Live in Washington DC/Virginia Beach, At Nissan Pavillion/Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre - July 24/25 2004 - Rock the Nation Tour01. Love Gun (W)02. Deuce (W)03. Makin´ Love (W)04. Lick It Up (W)05. Christine Sixteen (W)06. She (W/V)07. Tears Are Falling (V)08. Got To Choose (W)09. I Love It Loud (W)10. Love Her All I Can (W)11. I Want You (W)12. Parasite (W)13. War Machine (V)14. 100,000 Years (W)15. Unholy (W)16. Shout It Oud Loud (W)17. I Was Made For Lovin´ You (W)18. Detroit Rock City (W)19. God Gave Rock & Roll To You II (W)20. Rock And Roll All Nite (W)LineUp: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, Tommy ThayerW = Washington DCV = Virginia Beach

2004 Ampithea... Eric Gene Instant July KISS Live Nation Nissan Paul Pavillion Rock Simmons Singer Stanley Thayer The Tommy Verizon Wireless

007 _fatima
Paul was going crazy HAHAHA
Adolf Nacionalsocialista
magnifico!!! excelente!!! mueve la cabeza al ritmo del bombo!!!
Alberto Hernandez
Ese tommy es todo un loquillo
Gene Simmons confused couplets)) He sang second couplet twice and he sang first couplet enstead of the third))
Alysia's Attic
i was at that concert and i only like a few songs but their performance will make a kiss concert lover even out of a fair weather fan
Arthur Gonzales
Oh nothing like starting off in the middle of the...wait what verse are we doing Gene?
this is the most off version of the song ive ever heard lol
Bulma :v
Osea debieron filmar mas a paul x q se nalguio el mismo se Asia para delante y atrás y su propio show no mames XD😂😂😂
Chica Bangtan.
Ese paul es un loquillo 7v7 ❤
Coach Martin
saw these guys 5 times in mid 70's to early 80's. they KICKED ASS!!!
Cody Carrig
1:45.....Who are you!!!
i still have no idea why paul is holding a guitar is isn't even playing half of the time XD
@IrishRockerDude94 \
I could listen to this song ever and ever without getting tired
Danny Miller
Should always be played live Awesome kiss song
@DEDE4EVER Yeah, but the Alive III version's better. So is the remix on the re-release of Creatures and Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits.
Douglas Scott
I'm so glad my wife and I bought the CD of the concert as we were leaving the venue. Best $30 I ever spent!
Hydra Gaming
He messed up the lyrics oh well we all got to messed up some day still KISS
Jack Collister
It's not Peter on drugs mick lager
Jairo Ramirez
so is this soung ?? i know that was diferent but still is a great soung\nKISS4EVER
Jano Zamora
Gene forgot lyrics
Jill Lampkin
my first kiss album i played on my strawberry shortcake record player....back in the day!
Johan Rodén
why is't Paul singing during the chorus?
Larry Kriete
nice song
wtf paul... 0:35
Luis Torres
@fredericmethot ITS NOT PETER CRIS!!!!!!!
Mick & Piloo
Peter doesn't play this song at drums
Miguel Salas
Gene is the man
Mitr kdh
Gene se confudio bastante STAND? UP HUNGRY FROM THE MEDICENE?????
1:08 haha wow thats a cute fan ! ;D 
Neil O Darrell
lol gene messed up the lyrics
Richard XGamer
1:02 jajajajaja
Rodrigo Schramm
@Cruellty you want him to let his guitar backstage during the song and go get it during the solo?
paul sexy
Saul GH
Fuck I love Kiss One his betters songs\n
Servicios Musicales Jiménez
and the part that says \
Steven Brown
I love it , I just turn this on and I can block out anything I don't wanna hear.\n\nthanks gene , you are so awesome.\n\nif you ever die , I'll have myself commited.
It’s late...what did gene say??
Gene fn up the lyrics again LOL
2:59 \nFUCK \n\n
1.45-1.46 TRUDIEHFLAH!!!\n\n:D\n
They did a remix kinda gene didn't forget the lyrics 😂😂
gaaah not enough bass drum!
carlos hernendez Hidalgo
creo q es la mejor banda q existe y simons el mejor de todos\nI think is the best band there and best of all simons
Cant we just enjoy how awesomely mixed the vocals are with the music? So what if the lyrics are out of order, its their song. they can sing it how they want. To this day this is my favorite version of this song cause the sound is just THAT awesome sounding to me.
2:14 The ancient art seduction. X_mastered ' __not mastered
Peter Criss ROCKS!
gian ruggeri
2:13 !!! jaja
I love them live\n
john layden
Gene looks like he's dressed as a bat. Their best song!
leonel dure
criaturas de la noche
Messing up the lyrics much
my all time favorite band \n
its funny how gene sings the song so wrong\n
*w* loooooveeeeeeeeee stanley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥
pepe honguito
que guaso loco se pasan estos guasos
what a stupid audience!!!
scott graybeal
One of those songs that GET YOU GOING!!!
@one4voice no
That was an awesome show! That was me at the 1:58 mark 4th row !
Sounds like old boys play dirty.
@Sixshotreviews2 at least he kept it going