Death Note || Episode 26 "Renewal" || English Dub [HD]

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Who miss L??
Aareon Carson
This review is like 30 min
I miss L
Alpha Azure
Alve Ahsan
now i hate light like hes *hell* wait he is
Alvin Enyi
L did not die... He just went to Bleach.
Andrea Brokate
They’re like Batman and Joker, they complete each other
Aniruddha Chatterjee
Light's fingers should be cut , them his eyes popped out ,then his legs ,then his arms ,then his head ,and finally all of it should be burnt down ,the ashes shaped into an apple and fed to Ryuk.
Black Diva
they need a medium
Blue Mist
wen is the next episode going to be out?
Breanna Datoon
I can't believe that light still happy to see L die in his arms after what L did for him, yeah I know that L prisoned light but L said light was his first friend😭😭
Broad Bubble
Bryce Byrd
RIP L You will be miss😣😭
BushyBrow 64
Kinda like God of War 1-3, you're meant to hate MC by the end
Catlover1 Love Cats
When L died my heart stopped. I cried on the inside and now I can’t come to terms that my literal boyfriend has died. YES HES MY BOYFRIEND BACK OFF HATERS OMGGG
Charles Jefferson
I now know why the L funeral scene was deleted :Light reveals how evil he is by proclaiming victory on L's .....and laughing .....Light is pure evil and he deserves every misfortune he will encounter
whats the intro song called?
Darius Jamie
19:28 when that kid said \
David Liang
Good bye L
Destiny Perez
This anime, sucks why did L die
Dray Caisings
I cried!!! I've never cried for and anime before!!!!! I've always felt really sad but L's death made me cry!!!! 😢😭
Edward Atlas
Elijah Gardner
go light!
Emily Con
I never learned L actual name
I hate you light whyyyyyyyyyyy
Esam Gg
The most boring episode so far
FC BandanaDee
I guess you could say he took the L
FaZe Razor
The new intro is actually pretty perfect for the moments of the show right now. The intro is pure insanity, just like it is in the story right now. It shows more of light’s evil side, and the rock music is very intense. This perfectly suits Light.
Flowgod Z
I'm kinda sad L died
Galaxy Flame Dragon
R.I.P L i feel sad that he died
Gaming Master
im L 3.0
God Vegito
This should be the end
Green Cosmic
I wanna cry because L died, I serious I wanna cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
How to Anime
Light you are now my least favorite character and I am ditching the further episodes and going to go read L X Light fanfics and comics
Insomnia Active
Everything is just so boring without L... I'm so sad I miss him in the series because there was more action with him
Jeremy John
no lol this crazy L can not die I don't wanna L to die
Khizer Waryah
Thanks for the dubbed anime. Keep up the good work👍
Levi ackerman fan
Im so sad L died 😭😭😭
Levi fan
My bed is soaked in tears.
This was a good 25 episode anime! Oh the other episodes, nah I’d rather go with Light wins instead of Near and Mellow entering, they suck ass
Luis Baez
R.I.P L\nfelt closer to him then any other person \nand was the only one who helped in the case.\n ???-2018\nNever will forget....
Luna -Chan
L died...-sheds a tear- it got interesting with him and i really liked him -cries like a baby-
Markus Williams
This episode is mostly just flashback, but it ends at 13:07.
Matthew Abrameit
L was the best R.I.P.
Mella Stone
Midnight Wolf
...this ep is basically going through all the deaths of crinimals or just people that the Kira aka Light killed
Mr. Sunrise
20:31 - twin towers ?
*blankly* \
Narwhal Gaming
No L my baby!!!
Never To be seen
Where L stops, I stop.
Nina Blueberry
There is no way I’m continuing to watch
Hes gucci
-I am so sad that L died ):- I am so happy that light got L.
Peter Tran
Dam Light, that’s fucced up man
Ꮮ ᏔᎪᏚ ᎢᎻᎬ ᏴᎬᏚᎢ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rip L
Rajeshwari Sarkey
l died ... 😟😬😬
Rashi Singal
Light is evil
Riya Kumar
I miss L!!!😢😢😢
Sara’s Art
Noooooooo L 😪👹
Seth Baughman
im getting a replica of the Death Note and L's necklace
Shaqayiq Hakimi
how many ep are there??
Simon Vacca
i-i wanted L to be alive and i wanted L to win this war not light i dont are how L needs to come back and solve this but the next epiosdes are made so i guess it what its is
Slander Sir
'I guess with L dead, things are going to get pretty boring from now on.'\n\nWell put.
Solia Sanala
OMG! Poor kid had to see his father die!
Sonian tylsät pelit
Litterally a 20 minute flashback
Super Boyo
This whole episode seems like a well deserved tribute to L
Susan Chamunane
You know l was one of the main reasons I watched death note
Lol am I the only one that's glad L is dead?
Uma Dreams
Everyone is sad for L and personally I liked this character but I wasn’t sad or anything when he died, but my baby rem is gone :(
I am sooo happy that L is dead))) I loved that series
Wacky Cats
oH gReAtE tImInG nOw I hAvE tO gEt A sHoWeR\n-_-
Wosh Kkkk
Why did no one match the hand writing to light's writing.
Yee Haw
You could lowkey use this episode as a trailer. A very long one XD
I really fucking hate the new intro\nEdit: but daily uploads are nice
anime1234 kayco
L......🤧.. \nI'm ok. I'm ok. 🤧😢😭🤧. \nOk I'm not actually crying I just now I'll miss him.
chris whitty
this is a repeat of past episodes
cierra ali
Rest in peace L😢😢😢😢😢😢
damien wayne
17:05 light actually misses L tbh
death hunter
What if the person changes there name legally would the name over there head change?
i am potato de otaku
ice cube
i miss L a lot and i wish he was alive....he was my favourite character in the whole anime since ep 1
i’m such a piece of trash
I always looked at the thumbnail and thought, “oh L is in the thumbnail he is probably still alive by that” and b o i i was wrong
juan gonzalez
if they would have pulled though with L's plan to test the 13 day rule, Light would have been caught... even though no one else suspected light but L, the other members should have trusted L's instincts enough to pull through with the plan
lol kats
Well matpat DID say 25 out of 31 episodes are going to be good
mc yuval
oo F
I’m going to be crying forever
remaas Ali
i watched this like 3 times and i still didnt get how is light 23 year old but before he was 17 how did these years passed?
rose_ vampire
I crying to much like this if u also cry for L
sofia Gonzalez
Light best character
vanessa Belen
They want us to be sad why!!???
Guys ,you dont need to worry of L cuz he is gonna come back because he will be the owner of rem soon 😊😁
zaw myint
I sure bet after L dies! he's gonna go to heaven because he's good and he'll beg god to have some sweets and god offered him some sweets XD