12 Travel Packing Tips: Howdini Hacks

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Finally! Your vacation is here, but the thought of packing all your stuff into one suitcase is freaking you out. Howdini Hacks shares some space-saving travel packing tips so that you won't have to leave anything behind -- except for the stress.- Fold and roll to save space: This video is about packing and vacations

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Aleksandar Postolov
I'm going on a school trip in one week for 5 days so this is realy helpful
Alida Little
I use ziplock bags, suck out the air with a straw placed in the corner or just squeeze out the air. It sops most of the wrinkles & is easy tompull out & put back in the case w/out rearranging, reforming etc. putting an outfit together in a bag is also great. Has been the best technique I've used yet.
Angelo Arana
One Shoe isn't enough to pack for me 😁😁😁😁😁
Ann-Sophie Neuscheler
This also helps I'm going to Germany in one month
Arti Chauhan
I am going to Paris thank you for your advice
Arul Das
I am going to picnic in my school this is helpful for me .🙂☺thank you
Ashley Doyle
Aylis Larchenko
Hey Howdini crew!! You'r doing a really great job! I myself have struggled w/ transporting earings for yeeears now and you've shared a great tip to solve this issue!! Huuge thanx!!
Azhar Abdulla
I'm going to the USA tomorrow this helped me a lot
Baka chan
Even more helpful than the buzzfeed one. His should deserve more appreciation
Belle Ariel Aurora Disneybust
packing a laptop tablet cellphone iPod in suitcase is not a good idea pack these in carry on bag
Brissa Angulo
Thank you!!!
Brooke.Purdum 23
I'm going to Ohio in a couple days. This helped.
Capt Eric Bergeron
Thanks for sharing this video & thumbs up. Cheers from Sint Maarten
I like the idea of using the buttons to keep your earrings together. I like to take an empty pill bottle to put my rings and earrings in if I plan to go into the water. Saves space over a jewelry case and is easy to find. Also I always pack a few quart size bags and some small binder clips. I find that I like to pick up snacks here and there but don't necessarily want to eat it all in one seating. This helps to keep things tidy. I will pack a small cloth shopping bag with the items I want to enjoy while on the plane (snacks, tablet/reader, eye mask, earplugs). I pack this last on top. this way I have my hands free but just before boarding I pull it out and carry it on (or pull it out as soon as I get to my seat - as long as I'm not blocking people). In that bag I throw a small pack of antibacterial wipes so I can wipe down the tray, back of the seat (where the tray rests against when folded up and anything else I might touch. It's not that I'm a super germaphobe - just that airplanes are nasty germ carriers and I'm going on vacation - no time to get sick.
Christine Kirsch
Finally some really great tips!!
Tip: Just don’t travel.
Cooly people
Thank you so much for the toiletry hack! I really needed a way to make sure my bottles were spill proof! This was extremely helpful. Thank you
Daisy Lafollette
now, if only I had somewhere to go!😐
Davonte Ashcraft
Wow! This was so helpful. I am going to summer camp in three days and this helped alot in my suitcase. I still have enough room to fit my closest! Thanks.
Dianne Blake
I take empty zip lock bags to put my dirty clothes in during the trip. It keeps odors away from the clean clothes and I can press out as much air as possible to flatten the bag. I put my liquids in a zip lock and stick in an outside suitcase pocket for easy access through airport security and to ensure there are no pesky leaks. When carrying a laptop, I put it in a separate bag for easy security inspection and to ensure it stays with me all the time. Don't forget to wear comfortable slip on shoes. ;-)
Doreen Fischer
I put all of my clothes on one light weight hanger (from the dry cleaner). I put the lightweight stuff underneath followed by the heavier things. I than cover it all with a plastic bag (also from the Dry Cleaner) I have to fold it one time to get it in the suitcase. When I open the suitcase I simply hang it in the closet. Later at my destination I will re hang the clothing on separate hangers at my convenience. Nothing wrinkles.
Ely Dobbs
I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow this helped a lot thanks!
Gideon John
Hey, great channel!
Gil CJ
The best idea I found here was the plastic wrap for necklaces. I thought they would fold it lengthwise: thrice for example, a fold for each necklace. It might even save more space, because depending on the chain, you have to roll it loose if you are going to do it the way it is in the video.\n\nThe one I would like to try is the blazer folded inside out. I find it could be bothersome to bundle wrap it to avoid wrinkles/fold marks, if you need it to be readily available.
Hira Umair
Super duper..
Hubbah Abid
Thumbs up👍
I know this is old but it was so helpful!
Whoa the button idea is genius!
Joan Z
Thanks for the tips, some I'd not seen before on Youtube. And I liked the combo of rolling and bundling, makes a lot of sense.
Joanne Garcia
If you use press and seal you better pack extras for the trip back home. Sometimes they don't peel off intact.
Joshy Oof
At 0:38 what r thoos
Just for Fun
Yeaay thank you! I am going to Bugarska for two days and you helped me! Thanks!💞
PLEASE PLEASE! Never put electronics or money in a suitcase if it is not a Carry-on plane. Everyone is not honest and things come up missing.
Kate C
going to China in September so useful tips~
Kaycee and Rachel and family
I am going to Philippine to be a Philippine it helps me
Wow! The contact case tip was great! Very helpful, thank you.
Kritika Taya
Love it.. I'm going on my first trip.. And I can really use these hacks considering I'd have to carry a lot of warm clothes!
La'Tasha Williams
Nice tips ☺
Lauren Campbell
Buy a 10 pack of shower caps from the dollar store, and put them over you shoes to prevent dirt and grim getting in or on your clothes and suit case. Put a dryer sheet in a plastic bag and blow up the plastic bag, but remember to poke holes with a toothpick to keep your clothes fresh. Put your Pajamas on top of all your clothes so you can have easy access when you go to bed that night of you travel .
Lelosa Imasuen
Wow this looks super helpful. I'm going to Poland for 2 weeks one week from today. I was nervous about packing since this is my first international flight in 15 years. But I love these tips. Thank you :) your awesome
Linnah Jacobs
I like your combination of rolling small items and folding larger.
I don't know if I want my under wear inside my shoes.
Maha Laxmi
suppr Idea
Marathi channel
i go with my friends this very video help me
Maria Jaramillo
I will try this.
Mariam Mohamed
thank for helping 🌴🐼🐼🌴🐼🐼🌴\n🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼\n🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼\n🌴🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🌴\n🌴🌴🐼🐼🐼🌴🌴\n🌴🌴🌴🐼🌴🌴🌴
Mauris Xochitecatl
a month in mxo☹☹☹☹☹without parents
Millen Soshi
nice information*thumbsup*
Miranda Siller
Awesome channel, and supper clever youtube name! Totally subscribed
Mohd Habibullah
cool tips.
Momina Khan
very helpful
Nabil Riordon
Naima Nader
Thank you! This really helped
Great now I have safety pins and make-up in my eye, thanks
Nicolle Leffler
You could also put a necklace through a straw!
Osca Alva
i like to pack with my tom bihn carry on bag 1 bag i get all that stuff in it .
PRO Removalists
Princess Wears Hiking Boots
Your bag looks heavy for non-American airlines. If you are travelling from \noutside the USA please weigh your bag and check airline carry-on\nallowances. American travel allowances are some of the most generous in the world. \n\nAlso, if you are changing airlines the lowest airline carry-on allowance applies.\n\nAirline carry-on allowances are converging at 7kg (15lb) and they\nare constantly changing. It's better to be safe than sorry!
Quincy Ting
what about the liquid spray bottles with tube from the cap? how do we secure them? we cant put plastic wrap on top before closing bcuz of the tube..
Qwertyguujgfd Qwerty
hey guys have lovely travel for everybody I'm also going to Tunisia after tomorrow so I will do like this
Raudhah Indonesia
thank you very much. it really helps. we are going to mecca and medina for 9-14 days to do umrah.
Riya Porwal
thank u great job
Ruth Mpanga
This was very helpful :-).Thanks for sharing!
i am going to pakistan hollydays.
Sarah Adriana
very help full
Sheenu Bansal
wow super amazing...lots of luv
Shidah Izumi
Go digital is something I can't get along with.. I'm prefer book even though it will weigh my bag abit.
Sofia Rose
Thank you so much i really liked packing socks into shoes idea and thr button hole earing idea... many thanks
Soukaina Majouji
Im going to spain with my class for a week
Sue Harvey
Ha Ha ! try this with the Ryanair 10 kilo allowance.......everything has to go into the carry on including Ipads etc. \nOne tip is to wear as many clothes as possible or at least something with lots of pockets foe travel docs, purse, earplugs and all the stuff you don't want to go to the locker for on the flight. I did like the earring tip though.....
thank you :)
Susan Burg
I pack my shoes in xtra large plastic bags. Then when I come home I can put all my dirty socks, undies, bras, etc in one of the bags and put the shoes in the other. I also take a small pill container and put Advil in one of the boxes and an xtra pair of earrings in the other. I take a universal pendant and watch so I can wear it with anything. My mother also gave me a great tip. You can take your old lingerie, the stuff you know you need to replace, wear it and then just throw it away.
VERY CREATIVE!!!! You deserve a lot of love in your YouTube life!!!
TheChocolateFan 47
I'm not meaning to say it in a rude way but scientifically proven that a things (e.g t shirts tops trousers leggings)will still take as much space as usual even if you rolled it or however you have folded it. clothes will not take less space if you roll them it's just the same it's just a different shape...
Tj Den.
Helpful video!
Travel Hack
I'm going to China in two weeks, and this is super helpful.
Yeah, because things stuffed with plastic bags isn't suspicious.
Urmi Saha
Tip:if u hv to carry a glass item like a glass bottle or avshow piece , place it on the cloth u hv to pack n just roll it down.keep it between other apparels n ur safe:)
VIP Removalists Sydney
Great tips
I think this video might just about save my marriage when I come to pack for my holidays in a few weeks time!
Yasmin Zubair
If your going on a small trip and just taking a backpack put rolled up clothes the water holes on the side then you can also add hair brushes
Yunia- Perli
Aku nek nata y tek gulung2,pada kaya kue
abdala elgendy
this video is very useful to me 'cause we're travelling to Egypt soon we are still packing our things
billy ruiz
Finally someone who combiner the rolling and bundling methods of packing i was planimg on doing a video of this 2 if it still doesnt fit u can use compression bags too :)... good job on the vid
Thanks this was helpful
fluffy Mc flufferson
who packs enough magazines to weigh down the back
geeta gadher
usefully tips
katerina m
I do not understand how you can pack your shoes with your clothes like this. I put the shoes in a plastic bag and then put the bag in the suitcase.
Some of these tips are too complicating and some of them don't save a lot of time
Folding everything together inside each other is ridiculous. When you want that scarf in the centre you'll have to unfold the whole thing!!!. And why ever would you pack that many tank tops? Do you always travel with 16 teeny gold safety pins in a contact lenses case? Whatever would you use them for? And dirty shoes in with your clothes. And you would wear the blazer, not pack it. So many silly tips.
i have watched so many packing tips videos, but this actually had a few new elements to it... well done!
s a m s a r a
Travel Tip: wear your shoes, don't pack them
sabnam shakya
What suitcase is that? Please let me know where can I get them.
srija putta
That really helped me :) thanks
thami ki
very helpful indeed. thanks 😃
unkown user48
I sneak half of my clothes into my mums bag