Whitney Houston - I will always love you live in Brisbane 2010

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Whitney sings her classic hit I will always love you live in Brisbane

2010 Bodyguard Brisbane Houston Whitney always love will you

19 97
you can tell she still had the technique in terms of runs and riffs, but her tone was damaged along with breath control
Abigail smith
I love her and the song\n\nBut this voice shows how bad drugs are
Alexandra Stratan
oh, her vocals were so damaged, such an amazing voice, she was struggling here, but I guess she lived and loved and had her  own struggles like the rest of us, No judgement, just sad
Alison Rosenberg
Her stupid manager & mercenary sis in law should have been looking after her best interests and this disastrous tour wouldnt be the last impression ppl are left with after a decades long illustrious career. Not saying foul play was involved in her untimely death but, as a manager and sister in law, Pat Houston was well aware of Whitneys declining health and should have prioritized her ongoing struggles with sobriety over the profit she stood to gain from Houston's ticket sales.
Andrew Phillips
It hurts to see her like this however she's still amazing!!
Angela Wang
I was quite surprised that i think it's one of the best performance after her voice changed. But no matter how she sounds and what she did in the past: i love her and her good side so much. She put her soul into her songs. I hope she is in heaven and god forgave her. Her music will always be heard until i die.
This was the best of her voice for her 2010 concert. I still think she is \
Ben Toghill
I heard a tiny bit of that Whitney from the 80s
Binh Trinh Thanh
she did her best at that time....
So schlecht wie es hier alle machen ist es nicht - ihr dürft alle net vergessen es ist ne cam aufnahme ( klar weiss ich das sie Drogen nahm und ihre stimme net mehr ganz die selbe war ) dennoch kommen immer mehrere Faktoren zusammen um so ne Aufnahme gut oder schlecht wirken zu lassen. Ich finde sie hatte immer noch dieses Feeling in der Stimme - bis zu letzt. Für mich bleibt sie die Göttin der Soul und Pop Musik ever ; ))
Brian Crouch
I will always always love you Whitney!
Cade Del Rey
So sad. Rest in peace you beautiful soul.
Carlos Renato Duarte
Claramente não era mas a mesma ,infelizmente, porque foi a maior de todos os tempos...
Charles Cavanagh
this makes me cry that shes struggling =( but still didn't lipsync .. and they could have got her a different outfit \u003e_\u003c
Chikenna Latrice
the lady was almost 50 yrs old if you wanted to hear her sound like she sounded 30 yrs ago buy the albums smh
Christopher Yue
What was she doing back there? Getting her fix of drugs?
Cj Oxley
her voice is still there !!! amazing !!!!! 3:30
voice is gone, but you can still see she's giving her 110% unlike some other fake pop stars
Dakσтa Lσνє
She needed some Beyoncé stage fans
Dan Frost
Such an absolute , needless , tragic waste. She had the world at her feet and threw it away.
Debbie Steen
For all the media tried to spin her concerts in Australia, making it to be this awful performance, given all she had been through, I'd say this performance was one of her best, and she was sick then as well. She could have decided (and probably should have for her health) decided to cancel her tour, but gave it her all despite her ailments. Go Whitney!
Diel Sokolov
Nossa 4 anos que vejo a esse vídeo e toda vez me emociono. Ela é simplesmente espetacular, ainda que o vicio a tenha tirado o seu potencial vocal, ela consegue trazer a canção para si e mostrar que é capaz mesmo depois de uma tragédia de se erguer... Amei a performance, o arranjo que fez na canção foi show.  I miss her. 
Dortmunder Strasse
Her voice died long before she did. So sad.
Talent gone to waste...:( but I'm happy the audience still supported her
Drugs killed her.
Fernando Rayo Traña
Minute 3:32 👌🏾 She still was the queen!
George Petre
It's so sad. She left us with goosebumps thousands of times... for 24 years... then suddenly she does a few bad performances and we hate her because of it.\n\nThe public is harsh and horrible. :( no one has any loyalty, but I do, I will always love you Whitney. You always make me happy when I hear you sing and my favourite time was when you were singing gospel in 1987 with your muma and she was so proud of you.
Good Vibes With T
i think she did amazing.
Greatest Love Of All
Better than Mariah Carey and Celine Dion
Gu z.
O maior tesouro de um artista, sao os fãs, os verdadeiros fãs, que aplaudem, que estao ali, dao forças, erguem, tudo para ver seu idolo sorrir. Whitney foi, é e sempre sera um mito para todas as gerações. E seu legado rico, cultural, e impecável, viverá sempre na memoria de todos nós.
after 17 years (?) her voice is so powerful ♥
Jacob Helms
This was by far the best performance of this song throughout the whole entire tour. Love you Nippy!!!!!! #TheVoice
Jad Marz
omg wheres her voice gone? :(
Jae Mc
Even with all the drugs and the cracking voice, she could still sing most of these modern artists under the table. That's what's so crazy about the whole thing. She sounds terrible- for Whitney Houston.
James Colson
For all you haters, Kick rocks. She still sounded good to me. And not just saying that. She sounded good to me.
John Whelan
Even at her worst she NEVER resorted to lip synching !! That speaks volumes about the type of person and singer she was !
Johnnifer Washington
I don't care what anybody says... This is a pretty good performance!
Klaudia Grobl
She got to a point when even she couldn't sing her songs better than herself.
My favorite singer of all time. I will always love you Whitney, and Bobbie Kristina.
DAMN! Well, at least she could still do a \
Lawson Green
What a shame she had it all her voice was gift that made her more money than most could ever dream of!..yet she destroyed that gift daily by chain smoking cigarettes and snorting cocaine and smoking crack!..Also what we do know is that she was found dead in the bath...and we also know that her autopsy conclusively proved that less than 30 minutes before she died she had snorted cocaine and also had heated up a spoon and inhaled base cocaine from that spoon!..we also know that next to the bath by the hand basin was the spoon with renominates of cocaine still in it and next to that also was a compact mirror that was open with renominates of cocaine powder all over it and by that was a rolled up piece of white paper!..should i feel sorry for Whitney Houston who could afford to go countless times to the best detox facility's in the world where she was de-toxed and taught the dangers and consequences of the continued use of smoking crack cocaine and snorting cocaine!..then only to leave these million dollar detox facility's clean and with a second or even third chance of sorting her life out!..but ignore all she had leant and been taught only to go within days straight back to smoking and and snorting cocaine?..or should i feel sorry for the ones she selfishly left behind like her daughter and her mother and other close family member's who desperately tried to help and care for her!.. and who she lied too on a daily basis's by simply continuing with her destructive drug abuse...who should i feel sorry for?   http://www.channel5.com/shows/autopsy-whitney-houstons-last-hours/episodes/autopsy-whitney-houstons-last-hours
Liam Kirby
Her management team letting her perform like this wants to be ashamed and I guess the network around her wasn't very strong
Lysol Disinfectant Wipes
She'll always be the greatest vocalist of all time. No one can touch Whitney's voice in her prime. No one. And this isn't an opinion, it's just a fact. But they should have not put her on tour like this. She sounded OK in her promo performances, but having her perform every single night on tour was a really bad idea and too straining on her already strained voice.
Marvin Lee
I almost cried watching this. You can clearly tell that she's struggling and that her vocals have really been damaged. It's great to see the crowd support her, though.
Mary 40
As a singer myself if I lost my voice I would be devastated. .but I'm no whitney..she was my inspiration. ..I cant imagine what losing her voice did to her....she had fight tho..she fought for every note
Max powers
So sad ! A shadow of herself
Miika Kousa
I think her voice sounds still fantastic, even those horrible\nMariah and adele can't sing as good as whitney did, NEVER!
At 3:34 this was Whitney at 15 years ago - but is it not Important because she live forever in real good Fans Heart !!! I Love you forever - The Voice !!!
This is not a terrible performance. It's far better than average indeed.\nShe is not the young and pure Whitney anymore of course, but she sings anyway.\nR.I.P Whitney.
Navar Watson
I don't care how she sounded. If I was at that concert, I would have been screaming and cheering her on. You can tell who the real fans are. The fake ones left the concert because they were disappointed. The real fans stayed and supported her. They didn't come just to hear a voice. They came to see WHITNEY.
i don't hate her but she looked really terrible that time!!! very hard time for her \u003e\u003c
Oscar Perez II
This performance makes me so sad while i still believe even at her worst whitney sounds better than most out there, it sucks that she had to go through that phase in her life of drug addiction because the amount of power this one woman had in her voice at her prime was beyond supernatural. She carried a god given gift and unknowingly sacrificed it. She will be missed.
To be honest I think this is a pretty good performance\n\nR.I.P Whitney you legend
Paul Collins
Sad what drug addiction did to her. RIP Whitney
Paul Sola
You will stay in our heart Whitney...
Perf Estrada
Her voice in this performance was back we can hear a raspy voice was gone and notes was almost perfectly the same as she hit it before but there are some of it that was cut that she always actually do but its fine its always nice to hear her that way that is Whitney.
I don`t know what the people want of her voice in 2010?? In this concert, I can say that is really good, like a 2001-2004
Plant Seed
This is just terrible. She's Whitney Houston that's why people false perceive that she still sings good. But if you only listened and didn't know who was singing, would you still be impressed? I don't think so....
Producer/Dj Live Jasmin
Amazing...no one can sing like her...haters are just haters towards anyone and anything except their useless selves.
Rachel W
What does it matter what she was or wasn't doing? Fact of the matter is, she still put on a literal showstopping, goosebump-inducing, performance. Everyone has their demons, that is a fact of life. Some people can cope, some can't. Either way, this is an incredible performance, no lip-syncing, no editing, just pure Whitney which to me is awesome and rest in peace \u003c3
Rafa Medina
How dare some people come for Whitney and talk trash about her? She was one of the greatest, gave her all in every single performance, touched so many hearts with her incredible voice and had a huge impact on music industry. People need to learn to respect.
Robert Rodriguez
Robin 97
What is all the hate about? I think this is a great performance! \u003c3
Romero Malone
Wherever she might have messed up on this song she made up for it on her iconic 5:08 part that's all I needed to reassure my life.
This is a terrible performance? She handled it amazingly and professionally. I think she was singing better here than a lot of the pop stars today.
Sabina R.
I seriously appreciate the fact that she sang live and did not do lip sync like many famous young girls, forever THE VOICE.
she absolutely SLAYED it. It's not a secret that her voice was damaged and it was really hard for her to sing, but she gave her all and did not lip-sync like many others would. That's why she is truly exceptional. A Legend!
Shanda Mcmichael
Its ok Whitney..u will always b the best !!!!
Sidney Waara
you know what is really sad.. is that you can still hear that beautiful sound come through... even though its broken it is still heart renching and very very moving... wow she is like a swallow..
Suze music 🎼
It's so sad to watch this video :( she was so damaged... :/
T Payne
This is my favorite performance since she lost her voice. Idc what anyone says this lady still had it. Emphysema is no joke. There is still no one and I mean NO ONE that can top this woman til this day!
Tamar Cheishvili
3:32 this moment is like thunderstorm for me ♥ love u 4ever ! ♥
Temujin Scott
Folks should have nixed this tour. When she released her last album, she should have just done spot dates
Teressa Brown-Walston
Damn people! this is damn near 20 years since she first sung the darn song what were you expecting 89 Whitney to take the stage? most people. dont sound the same by the 3rd album. She didnt sound horrible at all. .Why is everyone so quick to criticize her and try to take away the fact that Whitney had one of the most amazing voices in music Ever period.
Victor, because Wiktor is not enough Strzelczyk
i don't know what do you people want from her, it was a good performance
Wintah Lifestyle & Fitness
Our QLD weather is so unpredictable, and 4 this amazing songstress who had come back to her fans after her battles.....amazing. How could we not embrace and love her...  The Aussie spirit is about seeing the best of someone...not the worst. God embrace her...xxxx
She had nothing to prove at this point. I wish she would have followed her dream and went to live on the island to sell fruit with her daughter. She would have been much happier. I didn't care if this lady never opened her mouth to sing again, she did this day in and day out for over a decade effortlessly, she deserved a break. I love you Whitney
alex i.
I was cringing. I feel so bad for her. 
alex jong
whitney at her worst, but she can still sing better than alot of singers these days ^-^
Wow! If this really was at her worst... she could still pull it off, damn! It really wasn't that bad at all. Her voice just changed over the years..
She wasn't at her best and she probably knew it too but at least she didn't cancel her shows...She showed up for her fans no matter the back talk she probably received in her voice...She probably strained her voice to do the high lyric too knowing it was difficult for her yet she still tried for her fans because she knew they were expecting it...Kudos to her...RIP Whitney!
This was a good performance if you base it off of 2009 Whitney standards. She was always a good PERFORMER even if her voice wasn't 100% and hey at least she didn't cheat and lipsync or hide behind a back track like someone else we know...... Much respect for having the balls to even come back knowing your voice ain't neem' 30% What it used to be...\ufeff
RIP dear Whitney
kriss hosein
ok guys....talent is something that with age the talent ages as well. Do u think when bolt reaches 60 he will be able to run as fast as he can or imagine him at 50 too. my point is whitney has aged and so wat if she cant hit her notes back when she was younger. look at mariah, mariah is 40 something, does she sing like she use to.? no she doesnt btw i am a huge mariah fan but these are facts and so what. however one person who still sings amazing is celine dion
louie lena
Still her sense and still her smile
train wreck....someone should of loved her enough to stop her and help her!!!
She was so obviously not well.......really uncomfortable to watch.....I consider myself one of her biggest fans since 1985....I hate what she became.....
proudtobedark andlovely
Its so sad the stress of life, this shows money is not the answer to all problems.
Hmm...well, at least she had many good times on it :) But God, how it destroys :(
3:31 I feel like this was the last time Whitney had a truly showstopping moment on stage. I got chills at that part.
Whitney I know you gave the best you could in this last concert, and I will always love you no matter what... There will never be another you....   xoxo
soldier person
Towards the end of her career....like here for example...she sounds like Bobby Brown her husband. Ex husband. ..whatever
stavros plaskasovitis
iM surprised nobody picked up that she went back for water and then snorted a line of coke at 2:58....then cleans her nose with the tissue just after..........then 3:32 BANG
And she got paid for this? I love Whitney, always have, always will. but this is beyond bad. She didn't even know what she was doing up there. People call her the voice for nothing, yes she was amazing on the record, but live a total disappointment. Why the long gap between the 'I wish you love...' and 'And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' parts? Sorry, but this video shows nothing more than has been turned into a major drug addict.
this is kind of sad to watch :(
Катя Баранцова
I think it is a perfect performance!!