Roy Mayorga

PROMARK: Roy Mayorga Drum Track With His Promark 419 Sticks


Roy Mayorga of Stone Sour with a killer drum solo with his Promark 419 sticks. --- Get info on your favorite sticks, artists and more: ...

Roy Mayorga at DrummerLive 2008


Vic Firth presents Roy Mayorga at DrummerLive 2008 Performing a new song called Desert Song. Roy has performed with: ...

Jay Weinberg vs Roy Mayorga (SLIPKNOT vs STONE SOUR)


Who is the best drummer? Jay Weinberg from Slipknot or Roy Mayorga from Stone Sour? You can probably find out the answer by ...Субтитри

Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) - live drum cam


Roy Mayorga, drummer from Stone Sour performing Gone Sovereign and Absolute Zero Live in Bologna! ▻Subscribe to channel ...

Vater Percussion - Roy Mayorga - Stone Sour


Roy Mayorga of Stone Sour talks about joining the Vater Drumstick Family and why he chose the Rock model.Нове

Sepultura - Breed Apart feat. Roy Mayorga


Live @ Altas Horas TV Show with Roy Mayorga on drums!

Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) - (FULL DRUM EPISODE)


Video index: 0:00 Stone Sour - s drum career steps 5:28 Where have you ...

Slipknot - Paul Gray Behind The Player - Duality - Jam with Roy Mayorga


R.I.P. Paul Gray, truly one of the biggest inspirations to me personally. Check out the statistics from the days following his death: ...

Roy Mayorga Drum Battle


During a tv show in Brasil with the sepultura guys in 2006.

SLIPKNOT Surfacing Perfomed by Paul Gray on Bass Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga


Behind The Player: Paul Gray is an instructional video by Slipknots former bassist, the late Paul Gray. Released on November 1, ...

Stone Sour - Knievel Has Landed - Roy Mayorga Drum Cam


Live in Stockholm, Sweden, 11-16-17 Video: Stubs.

Sepultura - Territory feat. Roy Mayorga


Live from Altas Horas TV Show 2006 with Roy Mayorga on drums!

Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) live Drum Cam 2017


Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) live Tulsa, Brady Theater! Drum Cam 2017. SUBSCRIBE: Roy Maurice Mayorga ...

Stone Sour Interview - Roy Mayorga - Sweden Rock Festival 2018


Martin TheSwedishLad sat down with drummer Roy Mayorga ahead of their show on the Festival Stage to talk about the ongoing ...