Extreme Spears: WWE Top 10


The masters of the Spear can unleash the devastating move at any time, even in non-traditional settings. Count down the 10 ...

How to Make a Throwing Spear


The last spear is almost as broke as me, so heres the 2.0, much better this time around. Made it out of a rake handle, a shovel, ...

Roman Reigns - Spear Compilation 2017


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Who is the Master of the Spear(Female Version)


I choose the outstanding ones.*** Who is the Master of the DDT Leave a comment below. Thank For Watching ...

Schrade Phantom Spear - Better than I Expected!


Where to get it:USA - Often these tactical themed tools with cheap ...

Goldberg Spear Compilation 2003-2017


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Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time (Official Music Video)


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The Only *Complete* Viking Spear


Sources and pictures: ...

Who is the Master of the Spear?


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Spears are better than swords (longer version)


The longer version of the tests of spear versus other weapons. All of all 65 bouts, plus extra commentary. Support me on ...

Spear of Leonidas – Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED


Thanks to Assassins Creed: Odyssey for sponsoring this episode. Learn more about the game: Today our ...

Medieval Spear Play, Part 1


Weapon handling – How to approach the opponent safely – How to avoid double kills. This first of two parts explains duelling ...

Tony Blauer Weaponizing the Flinch


Self defense pioneer Tony Blauer explains some life-saving skills and ideologies in this 1 hour seminar. The S.P.E.A.R ...

Underappreciated Historical Weapons: the SPEAR


The spear is one of the most effective and prominent weapons in history, but its often overlooked in movies, tv shows and video ...

Forged in Fire: The Zande Spears Tested (Season 5, Episode 8) | History


Two Zande Spears are tested in this clip from Season 5, Episode 8, #ForgedInFire Subscribe for more from ...Субтитри

Primitive Technology: Spear Thrower


A spear thrower is a simple tool that allows the user to throw a spear further than by hand alone. It is a small length of ...Субтитри

Spears are better than swords: scientific proof


The spear was the most common weapon in ancient battles. There was a reason: spears work. Here, we try out spears against a ...Субтитри

Spear Hunting Texas Big Game 4K Running Kill


Tim spears a monster oryx after a series of hard failures. Right when it seemed impossible he made an incredible running throw to ...4K